SEAT Silicon Sports Start-up Showcase Overview


Are You Poised To Revolutionize Sports?

The information on this page will provide you an overview, eligibility & instructions to apply for a chance to showcase your innovative technology solution to over 800 sports & entertainment professionals attending SEAT 2016 Las Vegas


Do you have one of today’s great sports startups?

This is your opportunity to compete with the top, early-stage, sports startups at SEAT 2016 Las Vegas in front of the technology decision makers from all the major sports. Participation is free but the benefits are very tangible.

The ultimate sports tech demo day!

Third successful year, SEAT is letting startups showcase to the highest concentration of technology decision makers in sports. Each startup selected to compete will receive 2 complimentary, full-access badges to SEAT on July 19, 2016! This allows you full access to all attendees, all sessions, meals, and special events for that day!

More importantly, your company receives a table to showcase your product in the exhibit hall in the Startup Pavilion on July 19, 2016 – AND THE BEST PART — 7 minutes on stage to demo your solution to all the conference attendees and our judges for the chance to win the first SEAT Startup Showcase.

Competition Location:

In the main exhibit hall at midday on July 19, 2016, the 8 startups selected will compete against each other for the title of SEAT 2016 Most Innovative Sports Startup.

Each startup will receive 7 minutes on stage, supported by a powerpoint or keynote, to demo their solution and why it will revolutionize sports.

The judges will provide real-time feedback and the audience will vote live for the startups they believe have the most potential.

The Competition

To be selected for the SEAT Startup Showcase Class of 2016, your company must prove the potential to impact sports.

Your company must be in operation (may be funded or seeking funding, may have revenues up to $1M – MUST have a product and be in a place in which you could sell your product or establish test cases with teams).

If your company meets these criteria and has a technology focus with applications to the sports industry – what are you waiting for – click on the “NEXT” button below to apply!


If your company is selected to participate, there will be a mandatory webinar to go over additional details

Application Process & Timeline
The Pitch

Pitch Your Startup at SEAT 2016 Las Vegas.

• 7 minutes on stage
• Accompanied powerpoint or keynote
• Suggested inclusion pilot results

The 6 selected startup tech companies will each receive the following:

• 7 minutes on stage during to demonstrate your product/solution to all the conference attendees.
• Access to meet and network with hundreds of sports executives and decision-makers on-site.
• 2 complimentary full access passes to SEAT for July 19, 2016. You will have full access to all of the sessions, meals, and special events for that day.
• A table to showcase your product in the exhibit hall in the Start-Up Pavilion on July 19, 2016
• Inclusion in all material referencing the showcase throughout the year
• Potential invites to SEAT international showcases
• Virtual presentation practice and coaching from industry executives prior to SEAT 2016

What You Get
Winning Startup

The winning startup, selected through real-time voting of our conference attendees and feedback from our judges will receive:

• Access to network with hundreds of sports executives and decision makers
• Introductions to sports accelerators and private invitation to their curated mentorship & business development programs.
• Complimentary access to the remainder of the conference with full-access to attendees, sessions, meals and networking special events.
• Introductions to the most innovative teams in sports during the extended conference time.
• Inclusion in press for SEAT 2016 and SEAT 2017.
• Inclusion in SEAT 2016 Video Testimonial as SEAT Silicon Sports Startup Tech Winner. The video is promoted on SEAT Your Tube and across all social media platforms and on the SEAT websites.


Program Sponsors

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